36178 Congregation Ln, Callahan, FL 32011

About Us

Live Oak Baptist Church was founded in 1845 and initially named Dyal Station Church. The church name later changed to Live Oak Baptist because it was centered in a Live Oak Grove. Live Oak has continued in service up to the present. Live Oak Baptist is a Southern Baptist Church. 

Live Oak Baptist Church is an autonomous local Baptist church. All decisions and actions concerning the church, finances, projects, and other activities, are decided by the membership of the church under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The pastor is the Under Shepherd to the Chief Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. All decisions concerning messages preached, materials taught, and the doctrinal stand of the church are determined, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, by the pastor. All activities of the church are decided by the membership through the church council and other committees using the Church Constitution and by-laws as the guideline.

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